“Embrace the strange and wonderful at ConvergeSE. Amazing Arts Venues... Indeed. Motion sensitive Nerf turret guns... Oh yes, my friend. Incredible, world-renown speakers... Check! Goat sucker... Ha, ha, ha, at least one!”

- Chupacabra

So you want to go to Converge?

It's going to be awesome but you're gonna have to wait just a bit longer.

Tickets go on sale on January 30!

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We're spreading the love around downtown Columbia for Friday's events. Each track will take place in its own spot.

Check-in starts


Kickoff & Keynote

Daniel Burka


Saturday's event happens all in once place. Expect traditional keynote style talks in 30 and 10 minute bite sized chunks.

Check-in starts

Columbia Museum of Art

Opening Keynote

Leslie Jensen Inman


Running A Marathon in Antarctica

Dean Schuster


Closing Keynote: "CHOOSE!"

Carl Smith

Closing Party