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This year ConvergeSE is partnering with Indie Grits a film and art festival that takes place annually in Columbia. Here is a little about the history of Indie Grits.

Indie Grits Party

Indie Grits was born in 2007, charging blindly and passionately onto the scene, with a do-it-yourself attitude. Propelled by a far-flung artistic vision, festival organizers sought to break down the walls intimidating Southern media makers by creating exhibition opportunities for work often overlooked elsewhere. The spirit of Indie Grits comes from the heart of its host, the Nickelodeon Theatre — South Carolina’s only non-profit, art house theatre – affectionately known as “The Nick.”

The Nick serves as the festival’s anchor in historic downtown Columbia. More than a film festival full of youthful audacity, Indie Grits, now in its ninth year, is a showcase for the very best of the city’s culinary, theatrical, art and music talent.

In 2015 you will be able to witness the birth of a new kind of Indie Grits-we are introducing, for the first time, a festival theme: Future Perfect. This will guide the festival, as well as the artists who submit their visual art (another first for the fest).

What started as a DIY festival for a tight-knit and dedicated audience, Indie Grits has grown into a staple of the city’s cultural life, giving novice to advanced media makers a venue for sharing their interest in independent media making, while also giving thousands of visitors and locals access to a progressive cultural life unmatched in the Southeast.

We couldn’t do this without the City of Columbia, all of our partnering organizations, and the people of our city for joining us in shoving our Festival into new territory year after year — so thank you! And hats off to the always increasing network of media makers hailing from across the Southeast and beyond.

Together we form the collective spirit that is Indie Grits. Come out and pick your poison: dark theaters, music in the streets, late night drinks with like-minded souls, and don’t forget the crazy, sharp-witted, dream-casting puppeteers. Join us for the 2015 Indie Grits Film Festival, our ninth and best one yet.

- Seth Gadsden and Andy Smith, Festival Co-Directors