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There will be many opportunities for hanging out, networking and having fun around ConvergeSE.


Date: Wednesday, April 15th
Place: Columbia Museum of Art’s Boyd Plaza, 1515 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29202
Time: 6 PM – 11 PM
General Admission: Free

Indie Grits Party

Join us on Wednesday, April 15th for the ultimate 2015 Indie Grits/ConvergeSE kick-off party, with food trucks, music, drinks, family fun, a special premiere of the Mini-Cine and at 8 o’clock, CMA doors will open for a ticketed featured concert with more information coming soon...

Maybe we could start with Grit Man, the life-sized pacman-inspired game, provided by the lovely folks of Indie Bits, accessible to everyone (with 25¢). There’s also a shipping container movie theatre known as the Mini Cine that we’ve shipped directly to smack-dab in the middle of the courtyard, looping otherworldly Future Perfect programming all day and night, provided by MIRC and artist Ben Tiven. There’ll be a cash bar provided by The Whig, and we’ll have food and drink in all its variety, from gracious providers San Jose (the taco truck), Mimie’s International, Sweet Cream, Island Noodles and the Wurst Wagen. There’ll be a section purely devoted to Indie Bits glory, with projected video games made for their competition for you to try out.

Buskers will line the party with their gritty tuneage, and art performers will be afoot, alive in this future perfect world all festival long. And as you walk inside the museum, there will be one exhibit you won’t be able to miss–a wild concert consisting of some of the south east’s most crucial sonic cosmonauts: Michael Parallax with his costume-changing synth powerhouse spiritual revival tent music, Helado Negro with irresponsibly smooth electronic grooves, and Hectorina with their resplendent space rock opera, Collywobble, with all of its adventure, guitar solo-age, enticing medusa women, lost astronauts, cultish cavalcades, and cosmic owls. Oh, and it’s all free. Our opening party promises to be an unforgettable spectacle, and you’re invited.


Place: The Whig, 1200 Main Street, Basement Level (Map)
Date: Friday, April17
Time: 11pm-2am...and maybe beyond!
General Admission: FREE for everyone!

Taco Party

Join us for a fun, laid-back after party. The Whig is providing free tacos for everyone, and it will be a chance to hang out, have a few drinks, and meet some from out-of-town filmmakers. There will be live music with a DJ, to be announced. This party will be the beginning of a really crazy four day stretch for festival goers.


Date: Saturday, April 18th
Place: 1700 Block of Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Time: 11 AM – 5 PM
General Admission: Free

We are extremely excited to partner up with Love, Peace, and Hip Hop once again to bring back Columbia’s Hip Hop Family Day to the 2015 festival schedule. Indie Grits celebrates all the hidden gems of southeastern creative culture–Hip Hop Family Day is no exception to this. The event is a day full of family-friendly music and activities focused on hip hop culture: its history, its importance, and its ability to empower listeners of all ages.

Hip Hop Family Day

Non-Stop Hip Hop Live’s co-CEO’s are Kingsley “Kingpin” Waring and the Nickelodeon Theatre’s very own Sherard “Shekeese” Duvall–Director of the Helen Hill Media Education Center. They describe Non-Stop Hip Hop as an organization “dedicated to shining a light on the Columbia/South Carolina Hip Hop community; ensuring support from both locally owned and nationally based businesses that assist the upward movement of Hip Hop culture locally and throughout the world.” Hip Hop Family Day has proven to do just that, as well as being a creative and fun celebration for the whole family.